Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just Run

I have a new hobby that sort of involves shopping & clothes. It's RUNNING! I'm addicted. I ran a 5K a couple years ago and nearly died.  I did most of my training on an elliptical and boy was it different running on the road vs a machine.  The machine will push you, but without the machine I was left to push myself & my mind didn't like it very much.... 

After the bombings at the Boston Marathon, something changed me, and I wanted to give running a second chance.  I started out using the C25K app, but I just wasn't getting the hang of it.  The next month, I got a call from Tara about a 5K night race (that was only 1 week away)!  We signed up, both very underprepared, but we completed it anyways.  There was a lot of walking, but we finished (and didn't die!)  This time I didn't stop.  I kept running.  I started running with distance runners.  I remember my first long run.  It was a Saturday morning in July. I got up at 6am and we ran 8 miles.  It was amazing. 

Since then I've logged 822 miles on my Nike app, ran 4 5Ks, 1 10K, 2 Half Marathons

6/14/13: Sundrop Sizzler 5K

7/26/13:  Downtown After Dark 5K

10/20/13: Running for the Bay Half Marathon

10/20/13: Running for the Bay Half Marathon / My Mom walked the 5K

11/30/13:  Running of the Turkey's 10K

3/16/14:  Germantown Half Marathon

3/22/14: Rush for the Gold 5K (won my age group)

5/3/14: Generations 5K Color Run

My husband works for the city & he personally made me a motivational "high five" sign for one of my routes

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