Monday, May 12, 2014

30 adventures celebrating my 30th year (2013)

Everyone seems to think turning 30 is all gloom & doom.  Instead of getting depressed over a number, I decided to embrace it.  Kind of like "Yes Man" - I decided to say YES to as many opportunities as I could this past year and even made a list to remember it all. 
  1. Girls weekend to Memphis & Tunica
  2. Josh Turner meet & greet
  3. TSSAA Basketball Tournaments.  Cannon County Girls & Watertown Boys
  4. 9 to 5 at the Art's Center
  5. Huff & Puff Golf Tournament for CC Football Boosters
  6. Talladega!
  7. Girls NIGHTS!
  8. KB's 16th Birthday Party
  9. Cameron graduated for High School
  10. Memphis Grizzlies Playoff Games.  vs Thunder & vs Spurs
  11. Lounging by the pool for Memorial Day with Sherry
  12. CMA's
  13. Sundrop Sizzler 5K
  14. St George Island family vacation / Fireworks on the beach!
  15. Downtown After Dark 5K
  16. Back to school shopping with KB, Sherry & Em
  17. Dunn Reunion
  18. BRISTOL! Celebrating our 8th Anniversary
  19. Pioneer football game vs Dekalb
  20. Cannon County 1st home game
  21. Rhythm Kitchen at the Art's Center with Charlie, Tom & Marsha
  22. Warren Co A&L Fair
  23. Blake Shelton Concert with Katie
  24. TN Titans Football Games x 3
  25. Fall Break at St George Island, FL
  26. Ran Running for the Bay - My 1st HALF MARATHON!!!
  27. Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for my in laws
  28. Running of the Turkeys 10K - Won overall female!
  29. Sam & Kibby's Wedding
  30. Christmas parades in Liberty & Woodbury
*I'm a little late posting this list.... I'm already 2 months into being 31 ;)  Last year was probably my favorite year, other than maybe getting married (2005) & graduating high school (2001). 


  1. Ah! You saw a Thunder playoff game? Jealous! We're Thunder fans down here ;) Happy 31! haha.

    1. We saw them again this year... one of the many OT Playoff games!!! I love watching basketball. My cousin went to college in OK, she's a huge Thunder fan. My Dad loves to give her a hard time every time they play the Grizzlies. Better be cheering loud for the next game after last night's lose against the Spurs!