Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sara's Little Man Baby Shower

I'll take a Girls Night anytime!  This time just happened to include a Baby Shower.  What's more fun that a group of girlfriends getting together on a Friday night to eat cake, open presents & take silly pictures?  Plus I'm a sucker for a themed party!!!  We copied the Crafty Texas Girls theme, because it was so adorable.  The shower went great & we all enjoyed the quality girl time before Little Oliver gets here!  I can't take credit for the decorations - Tara hosted & did all the hard work!

Baby Momma & the food table. 
The gift table.  Tara made the awesome diaper cake & the onesies clothes line!

I did make the cake!  It's a key lime with key lime flavored butter cream!

I made little mustache sticks - they were so fun!!!! 

Here's a few pictures from our mustache photobooth:

We had a bottle chugging contest, that was WAY to difficult for someone how has never had to bottle feed a baby! lol... but I'll save those for blackmail!

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