Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So there is this huge music festival that takes place about 20 minutes from my house every June for the past 10+ years... and this was the 1st year I actually went & hung out with all the hippies!  Well, they weren't all hippies & I didn't actually have tickets... so we just walked around the campsites & checked everything out. 

It was pretty neat & I'm so glad I finally was able to see what all the fuss was about!  I went with a group of work friends & customers.  Most of us were first timers.  It made it that much more fun. 

We saw the slogan YOLO everywhere.  You Only Live Once.  I like the motto - This summer, I've made a deal with myself that I'm going to DO more & it started as going dateless to Bonnaroo!  (My husband has been before & wasn't nearly excited about going as I was!!!)

We all joked that what happens at Bonnaroo, stays at Bonnaroo - so I've only got 1 picture of the campsite to share ;)

Since this is "technically" a fashion blog - after I got home I snapped a picture of my new skirt I bought on hippie row!  (it's in Teal - the color that slowly taking over my closet!!!)  It's going to make an awesome swimsuit cover up at the beach :)

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