Thursday, March 31, 2011

My new old necklace

Cardigan: Loft
Tank: JCPenney's
Jeans: Express
Flats: Madden Girl (DSW)
Necklace: vintage from Grandma

You know how the Loft has those nifty shopping bags with ribbon handles?  Well after my cats had finally destroyed the bag after playing in it all week, I came up with the idea to repurpose the ribbon!  I used it to create this double chain necklace that my mom sent me for my birthday.  It doesn't really show up in the outfit pictures because the ribbon is gray.  I think it makes the necklace length a lot better.  I'll be on the lookout for different colored ribbons to switch it out.  This is what the necklace currently looks like:

So I've finished another book series this week.  I am such a sucker for happy endings.  You can tell that by my dvd collection.  They are all either girly or comedy.  Ever I became obsessed with reading 2 years ago.  My book selection has been that same.  I don't care if they are predictable or that it creates a false sence of reality.  Reading is something that I learned to enjoy because of the safety.  If things in my own life weren't the best, it was easy to gravitate to a book to escape.  Now I don't really read to escape life, but it does help me give my brain some down time from the constant choas at work.  And happy endings make me happy.  I love the excitement of a new book & the anticipation to read what happens next.  So if you are into YA Chic Lit, I recomend Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series.  The 4th was the only one that I wasn't in love with, but she definately made up for it in the final book! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Same pants, a different day

Tee: Gap
Cardigan: Loft
Pants: Delia's
Oxfords: DSW
Scarf: World Market

I loved yesterdays outfit so much, I seemed to recreate it this morning!  I always seem to opt for jeans in the morning, but I forget how comfy these pants are.  I've had them forever, but like everything the styles always come back around (in my case the flared trouser!).  I knew I held onto them for a reason.  Their only problem is that once I wash them, they will have to be ironed... causing them to be stuck in my to be ironed basket & not resurfacing for a while.  Hopefully I'll look back to these posts & remember how much I love the pants!

I'm still dreaming of warmer weather & color.  I hope it resurfaces soon!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

No jeans today

Top & Cardigan: Loft (new!)
Pants: Delia's (really old!)
Oxfords: DSW
Scarf: World Market (new!)

After work yesterday I took off by myself & went shopping!  The weather has been really dreary lately, but I had some coupons & gift cards from my birthday that were burning a hole in my pocket ;)  All the bright clothes colors really does make you forget that it's cold & rainy outside.  I love pink/coral color of the top.  I also got a short sleeved cardigan in the same color.  I'm starting to think I have a scarf buying problem... I rationalized this purchase because it's light weight & can be worn as a summer scarf.  I just couldn't pass up all the pretty colors!  I really wish it'd be sunny & warm here again soon...

While out yesterday, I did something that I'd never done before.  I ate in a restaurant alone!  I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but usually I'll just pick up fast food & eat in the car.  But I was in the mood for a burrito & that's really not something I want to try eating driving down the road.  My favorite burrito bar is Qdoba, but there wasn't one where I was shopping.  So I went to my 2nd favorite, Moe's & conquered my fears by sitting in a corner booth, eating my yummy burrito & queso, while reading my new book!  It was great.  I'm really not sure what my fear was all about.

I was trying out some new poses today with my tripod.  I found a new spot on the deck that the wind doesn't blow my hair as crazy!  Yeah :)  Better shots in less time!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Library card

Cardigan: Old Navy
Tank: Delia's
Jeans: Express
Oxfords: DSW
Scarf: F21

Two posts in 1 day... I'm trying to play catch up, I can't belive it's already Thursday.  The only bummer was the weather has turned COLD.  For the past week, we've had the windows open, I've been wearing sandals, planning summer vacation... then SMACK, stupid cold front!  My above normal temps are gone for now.  Very sad!

Since I the library is only open late on Monday & Tuesday, my super sweet hubby went and checked out the 2nd book in the current series I'm reading.  The super sweet part, was that he had to take the time to go up there & get him own library card since I had my card with me (all while having a major headache from banging his head on the backhoe bucket at work).  Thanks babe :)  Now I'm off the read my new book!!! 

Double the fun

Button Up: F21
Tee: Loft
Jeans: Express
Sandals: Target
Belts: Thrifted

I've had my head in my birthday books & really haven't been in the computer mood for the past couple days.  These are Tuesday pictures.  I'm just now getting around to uploading them.  We took more shots than normal & I was having a hard time narrowing down my favorites. 

Did you notice the double belts???  I actually got the idea when I was trying on belts at the thrift store.  So since I couldn't decide between the 2, so I wore both!  No one really said anything about it, but I kept thinking someone would make fun of me.  When I was a kid, I could always count on my brother to make fun of me everytime I would try something new with my style.  Luckily, I learned to ignore the joking & know that as long as I was comfortable with "my Style", I wouldn't let it bother me. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Dress: F21
Belt: from a Delia's skirt
Sandals: Madden Girl (DSW)
Necklace: vintage (my Grandmother's)

I had the best birthday weekend ever!  Filled with great friends, family & a lot of laughter... plus cake & presents!  I am blessed to have a group of awesome ladies in my life.  We get together ever couple of months (usually around birthdays) & spend the evening together.  We always have a blast & spend hours laughing and talking.  This time we included daughters.  I call them the future generation of girls nighters!  It was a good thing we were the only ones seated on the patio or they'd probably got us kicked out of the restaurant! 

We always try to get a group shot every time we are together... Depending on the house we end up at, there's always a poor husband that gets suckered into taking pictures with all the different cameras.  Hubby was very patient with us this time!!!

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday sooo special!  Today, I went book shopping & proceeded to read I Am Number Four... I really want to go watch the movie right now!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thanks Mom

Tee: Loft
Cardigan: Gap
Jeans: Express
Sandals: Madden Girl (DSW)
Necklace: Gift from GG

I am in love with the weather... I really don't care that it's actually hot in the house right now or that it was hot in the office at work today.  I somehow convinced my boss to let us keep the doors & windows open and not turn on the a/c.  I'm sure it got close to 80 & I had to shed my cardigan, but it made me sooooo happy!  Then after work, we all sat around in the shade & enjoyed the wonderful breeze, letting the busy week erase itself into just a memory... Did I mention, I love my job?!!!  Almost as much as I love these shoes!  They have the most adorable ruffles & the jeans just don't do them justice. 

I got the 'est birthday present in the mail today from my mom!  When I got home there was box waiting for me & inside was just awesomeness!  She had everything wrapped seperately.  Contents included: a monogrammed red apron, a super soft pink leopard scarf, Loft gift card, and a necklace.  She had been cleaning & came across some of Mazy's (my mom's mom) costume jewelry & she found this chunky link chain necklace, and thought of me (and my blog).  I only got a couple of things after Mazy passed away when I was 16, so all of them are special.  More so now.  I can't wait to wear it!   Thanks, Mom :) Best gift ever!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green, green & more green

Tee: Loft
Button Up & Jeans: AE
Flats: DSW
Bracelet: Gift from dad (Mexico)

Green is my favorite color & when there is a whole day dedicated to wearing green, I'm all over it!   I haven't done an Awkward & Awesome Thursday in a while.  So here goes:

Driving home with the windows down, then while driving by a dirt pile, & the inside of my car fill with a huge dust cloud.  Covering everything!
Scheduling multiple deliveries to a seminary & everytime the guy is flirty and tells me he likes my southern accent.  We call him Brother Jim.
Listening to hubby talk on the wii - He sounds so dorky ;) shhhhh don't tell him
My birthday is Sunday & I'm going to be 28...

We have a girls night planned Saturday for my birthday!
The weather here is beautiful... I can't get enough of having the windows open & enjoying the spring breeze. 
The time change & getting home in time for outside pictures!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY & it's supposed to be 80!!!
Just found out today that Hunger Games is being made into a movie.  (Even if the actors are all wrong for the part, I LOVE it when a book is made into a movie)
We've booked a house at the beach for the 4th of July for the whole family... I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Mr Sunshine

Cardigan & Sunglasses: Old Navy
Tank: Gap
Jeans: Express
Sandals: DSW

Warm weather has arrived & it's supposed to be 80 by Friday. Super YEAH!  Todays photos started out with sucky squinty eyes, so I opted for sunglasses & they made me happy (as noted with the cheesy grin in the 1st photo)!  The new gladiator wedges are awesome.  They will definately be a summer staple.  They work great with my jeans.  When I was growing up, I could never find jeans that were long enough.  Apparently, skinny girls aren't supposed to be tall or something?  Now that there are soo many options to buy longs & 34in inseams, I have become obsessed with jeans!  The only problem is that they are usually too long to wear with flats and when I try to shrink them a little, they are too short for heels.  But these wedges are the prefect/happy medium.  They keep my jeans from bunching at my ankles!   Now I need to buy some more small wedges to 15 pairs of jeans... I think it's only fair!

I have new hair!!!  I waited until I was married before I dyed my hair for the 1st time!  Then I became obsessed with blonde highlights... and kept that up for 3 years.  Then I was done & wanted to go back brunette.  Apparently, all that bleached hair hasn't grown out yet & the ends go brassy.  It worked good this fall because the ombre hair was popular, but after seeing my photos yesterday, I had had enough!  I've only dyed my hair at home twice & hubby did it last time for me (such a trooper).  But last night I bought the new Mousse stuff & it was SUPER easy. Other than the red tent, I'm happy with the outcome!   

My hair the past 5 years:


Everytime I got to get my hair cut, I have it in my head, that I get it cut the same everytime... Now looking back, I've had a lot of variety.  I decided in the fall 09 that I'd let my hair grow back out... I'm beginning to wonder if it's hit a stopping point.  It's a pain to get it all dry & flat iron daily, but I'm happy with it, especially now without the brass!!! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

End of Winter... hopefully

Tee: F21
Sweater dress: from MIL
Tights: Catos
Boots: DSW

Hopefully today is the end of the cold weather & spring is really on it's way.  I figured since today's high was in the 50s, I'd wear my sweater dress before it gets packed up until next year!  I'm definately ready to pack up the boots, my feet loved the sandals so much from the weekend, they've been screaming all day!  The rest of the week is supposed to be in the 70s... Even though I love my boots & sweaters, I couldn't be happier!  I love sandals & capris & warm weather...  This past weekend, we booked our summer beach vacation.  I'm ready for it to be NOW.  I've been online looking at swimsuits & pictures of the ocean... I want to skip spring; I have Summer Fever!  I can't wait, a whole week of relaxing at the beach! 

Now, I'm going to die my hair... After seeing my hair in outside light, I can't stand the faded out color!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Go Lions

Cardigan: Target
Tee: Loft
Jeans: Gap
Heels: Gabriel Brothers

Hey Hey, It's Friday :)  At work we've been sponsoring the Tennessee High School Girls Basketball Tournament, so the half the office people have been there & the others at work.  It's felt like a party day all week!  Thank goodness we haven't been slammed like the previous weeks & we got to enjoy it!  We've even been watching the games online.  Our home team was in the semi-finals today, but unfortunately that didn't win.  I went down & worked the booth yesterday.  We gave out mardi-gras beads in their school colors & painting faces!  It was a really good time.  Not a lot of promoting trucking, but really when it all comes down to it, it's all about the kids.  And they loved it!  Since we lost today, I'm off the hook for working tomorrow & get to enjoy a kid free weekend with hubs.  I can't wait!  I wish I was in Austin, but maybe that'll be a good girly trip for next year!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Casual Sparkles!

Button up: F21
Tank: Catos
Jeans: Express
Oxfords: DSW

Tonights photos are brought to you by KB.  As soon as I got home she was begging for me to go with her to ride her bike around the neighborhood.  Since hubby was busy, she took the photos & they turned out great!  I couldn't just pick 2 tonight :) 

I love the bright colors in the button up shirt.  I was inspired by Ramsey.  I loved all her reds she chose for her 30/30.  When I was shopping at Forever 21 (her favorite store) I knew this would definately be a great addition to my closet.  My company colors are red & white.  Tomorrow I have to wear my company polo & I really wished I would have saved the button up with it tomorrow.  I wasn't thinking about that this morning, and I love wearing the sparkle tank over my button ups.  This is how I wore it before.  I wanted to wear a necklace with it, but none of mine acheived the look I had visioned.  Something long & knotted or with a large pendant. Like this... Especially since owls are soo popular right now.  I think one of these will be my next purchase.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yeah for new clothes & comfy dresses

Cardigan: Gap
Dress: F21
Leggings & Socks: Walmart
Boots: DSW
Belt: AE

I'm sooo behind.  This dress was one of my 1st Forever 21 purchases.  I've been to F21 before but I usually get too overwhelmed and leave with nothing.  This time I was determined, much like with H&M, and I found this dress.  It's definately my new favorite.  The jersey knit is so comfy.  I love the detail in the neckline & sleeves (which are hidden today).  I already have a list of potential remixes!!!  Today was a rainy day, so I needed to wear boots.  I really like the pairing of the slouchy boots on the bottom & girly on top. 

I was looking this weekend for a polka dot anything, but I came up empty handed.  So I'm missing out in the blog world today.  But I've loved checking out Everybody/Everywhere today to see everyone's polka dotty remixes!  This is one of my favs... I know I'm a little biased to my adorable "niece"!!!

I may have missed out on one link up, but not No Model Lady's :) 

Monday, March 7, 2011

I went SHOPPING!!!

Cardigan & Pants: Loft
Tee: Gap
Oxfords: DSW
Belt: Thrifted

I had a wonderful weekend.  Full of good eats, shopping & a good book.  To celebrate the end of the 30/30, Sherry, her daughter, & I ventured to my college town of Chattanooga.   They have a new-to-me DSW; it's been open over a year, but this was my 1st time!  I ended up with 3 pairs of shoes, a couple tops from Gap, a dress & button up from F21, and a cardi from Target.  It was sooo nice to be off the Shopping Ban.  Hubby was very supportive.  We didn't make it to the Loft because of the rain & we were starving, so on Sunday he even offered for me to online shop for the stuff I wanted but didn't get!  He's adorable... he must want something!  Something on my "shopping list" that I didn't get was a Maxi skirt.  I'm nervous about buying one online because I'm afraid it'll be too short on me.  Everything normally is, that's why I love cropped pants so much. 

My first & favorite purchase are these shoes.  I've be window shopping for the right oxfords for a while now.  And these were only $35.  I tried a couple Steve Madden's, but these were way more comfortable.  I love them.  I have a feeling that I'll be wearing these A LOT! 

The funny part about the 30/30 challenge is that even though it's over, I keep grabbing the items.  I felt so limited during the challenge, that now that it's over, I want to remix them with the rest of my closet.  But then I'm torn, because that's all I've been wearing for the past month... Decisions, decisions...

Also, Linda at Rose a La Mode is having a killer giveaway; a brand new Kate Spade bag!!!  Check it out & don't forget to enter!!!  Happy Monday :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Freedom Friday

Cardigan & Tank: Loft
Trousers: Gap
Heels: Goody's
Belt: Mom (vintage)

Getting dressed was harder this morning having my whole closet to choose from!  I had been dying to wear my trouser jeans because I felt that I was one of the only bloggers in the challege that didn't put them in their 30/30.  Everyone had styled them so well during the month, I really felt left out.  The heels today were a huge mistake!  They are definately NOT work heels & my feet made this known to me around lunch.  I even drove home bare foot (which I despise doing) and I didn't even care one bit that my floor mats were dirty!  

Now I'm going to print off some coupons & prepare for my girly shopping day with Sherry!  I'm so excited! I paid bills last night, just to see how much my bank account can take!  I've even been working on my Kendi approved "shopping list". 

30/30 Recap 21-30


Even with all the complaining, I had fun during the challenge.  It was a little slow going & I wanted to quit a couple of time, but I'm really glad that toughed it out.  I only cheated a couple of times:
1. I went shopping at Goodwill on day 5 
2. Switched out my jean blazer for the blazer I bought at Goodwill
3. Wore red on Valentines Day (but I didn't post the picture)
4. Wore my Kid Rock concert shirt
5. Switch out my brown heels (that I hadn't worn) for my Mocs
[I think the best part of the challenge was being able to adjust.  I was just recovering for the flu when I chose my 30 items.  If I only broke the rules 5 times, I think I did pretty good.  Rules are for Breaking, right?!]

My favorites include:
#8: my Girly power suit :)
#9: the pink & orange together
#21: something about that outfit that day was just Awesome (it's really stuck with me)
#30: Loved cuffing my AE pants, that I lived in thru the challenge

I become very attached to my clothes & outfits.  Some of my favorite outfits are my favorites for reasons other than, I like the look.  It's all in how that outfit makes me feel that day & I associate happy days with happy outfits.  I feel like I'm rambling, but I hope it makes sense.