Friday, November 4, 2011

Sock bun curls - updated

Well blogger is not cooperating tonight & won't let me upload any pictures.  I'll update tomorrow once I have a finished product.  Tonight I was bored & browsing pinterest.  I found this tutorial for sock bun curls.  Looks simple enough.  Recently, I've been looking for new ideas to speed up my morning routine.  I've tried the headband method, but I usually braid my hair at night & then touch it up in the morning with a curling iron.  I'm really hoping the "sock bun" holds better, because I always end up using the curling iron. 
Honestly, either way I like the look of the sock bun.  I'll have to try it out other than just wearing it to bed :)  I'll post pics tomorrow! 
Photo updates:
Before bed with the completed sock bun

Morning after.  A little frizzy, but overall it stayed in place. 

Volume deluxe!  I guess brushing my hair backwards before pulling it up really pumped up the volume! 

My sad little curl :(  I was pretty bummed that it didn't work very well.  After seeing all the posts on pinterest & how easy the bun was to do, I had some high hopes!

I didn't use any extra curl products this time.  I plan on trying it again.  Just not tonight.  Today I wore a fishtail braid.  I'm going to sleep in it tonight & I should have a good base for some good curls tomorrow!

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