Friday, November 11, 2011

brown, blue with a little orange

Sweater: JCPenney
Pants: Delia's
Oxfords: DSW
Necklace: my Grandma's
Headband: ?

This outfit was from Wednesday.  We had a work dinner Wednesday night & it took me a couple days to remember to upload!  This is one of my (many) new brown sweaters.  It was my 1st one to pick up & I've probably worn it 4-5 times already this month.  This just happens to be it's blog debut. 

Ok, so I'm about the only one that "dresses up" at my work.  But to my surprise, since we had a motivational speaker dinner Wednesday night, everyone came in all dressed up... and then I was feeling WAY under dressed!  I had to run home & pickup hubby before the dinner, so I was brainstorming new outfits the entire way home.  I was drawing a blank, so I curled my hair a little before approaching my closet.  Then hubby walks in and says the sweetest thing... "Why are you going to change?  You already look great!"  He was so sincere & very convincing.  I did like the outfit, but I was competing (in my head) to be the best dressed.  But what I wear shouldn't be a competition & I'm glad I had hubby there to snap me out of that funk :)

My boss loved the bow in my hair, food was delicious, & the speaker was really great too!  He's a local coach that is now a motivational speaker.  And of course hubby & I had to act silly afterwards.  I got him to take a pic with the tour bus.  Good Times!

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