Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm sort of a last starter to Pinterest, but I am offically addicted.  The best part is that I'm not only feeling inspired, but I'm actually doing projects.  The past couple weekends, I've done at least 1 Pinterest inspired project!  I haven't cooked any of the recipes, but I'm pretty sure that's just a matter of time... Time meaning, I need to go grocery shopping! 

Here are a couple of my completed projects.  Both of them happen to be for my fireplace.  (and they were taken with my phone, so they aren't the best quality... I just wanted to share!)

This was a free project, because I already had these frames in storage.  Then I used scrapbook paper to spell out our last name.  The inspiration had the seasons spelled out, but I wanted to be able to leave it up longer.  I was going to paint the frames all the same color, but the mix worked out better.  I'll save the paint for when they need to be revamped!

I always buy tons of pumpkins & gourds in the fall, because they are cheap decorations and I get different ones each year.  The gourds usually just end up in a bowl on the table, but this year they filled my non-working fire place!  I usually just keep logs & candles in there.  I wished I would have bought more pumpkins, but I was being a picky pumpkin picker this year! 

These aren't my only projects, but the ones that I just happened to have pictures of on my cell phone!  I also made my halloween costume too, but I'm saving that for next week!

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