Tuesday, July 12, 2011

EBEW: Yellow

Tee & Pants: Loft
Sandals: Clarks (DSW)
Necklace: World Market

Yesterday, I randomly noticed that it was already EBEW linkup day.  Thankfully I remembered again this morning.  Yellow is a relatively new color to my closet.  I don't really gravitate to yellow when shopping or dressing.  But I don't have anything against the color; it's just not my 1st choice.  Since starting this blog (over 6 months ago! woohoo!)  I have branched more while shopping.  I've made 3-4 yellow purchases & they've all worked great!  The color really compliments my complexion & I've been really happy with my choices.  My favorite is my yellow & pink scarf.  I bought it late in "scarf" season, but I already got a ton of use out it.  I didn't wear it today, even though I was tempted, because it's just toooo hot in Tennessee. 

Below is my tribute to YELLOW:


  1. i love that yellow cardigan you're wearing in one of those bottom photos--the cut is perfectly sweet. you look great in yellow.
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  2. I really love this casual look. So comfy looking but really cute!