Saturday, July 16, 2011

Plain white t

Tee: Loft
Shorts: Target
Sandals: Madden Girl (DSW)
Necklace: Et Cetera

Sometimes, the simplest outfits are the way to go.  I wasn't going to post this, but the lighting outside was to awesome to pass on taking pictures.  There was a storm coming in right at sunset & it made the best lighting! 

Several bloggers have posted recently about remixing the plain white T.  I just went simple today.  I've had this necklace for probably a year & I wear it at least once a week.  Everyone I know has seen it, but I got a ton of compliments on it today!  I guess having the white T as a backdrop, really showed off the necklace.  

Friday, July 15, 2011

Just what the dr ordered

Top: Ann Taylor Outlet
Skirt: Target
Sandals: Clarks
Belt: Thrifted

This is probably my favorite skirt in my closet.  I bought it a couple years ago with a matching orange top & I thought of it the only outfit.  Since starting blogging I've forced myself to take a closer look, and I've successfully remixed this skirt several times.  I've labeled all the entries "orange skirt".  What do you guys think?  I'm kind of partial to this one.  I really like the blue top.  I think it tones down the brightness of the print in the skirt.  Maybe I just like this one because it's a nice break from all the pants I've been wearing.

I've recently starting having a lot of pain in my lower back & hips, so I've starting seeing a new chiropractor!  When I was 12, I was diagnosed with scoliosis.  (Defined: my spine is curved).  As a kid it really didn't bother me & I went to a specialist every 6 months so that they could monitor it.  I never really thought it was a big deal.  Well apparently it is a pretty big deal.  My lower spine has a 42 degree curve & my upper back is 33 degree.  My spine is basically in the shape of a 'S' & my hips are out of alignment.  Looking at those x-rays I was really blown away.  I've seen x-rays of my back before, but when she explained them to me the realities of it really set in... I knew my hips didn't line up my shoulders, but I didn't know it could cause lung deterioration, spinal cord issues, etc.  But I've decided to be proactive about it.  My chiro is working on my alignment twice a week, I'm getting weekly massages (dr's orders!), and I'm working on building up my postural muscles.  I really want to be able walk in 10 years. 

FYI: Getting a massage on my lunch break on Friday ruins my productivity for the rest of the day!  But honestly, I don't really care.  They are that awesome!  What took me so long to discover their awesomeness???

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

EBEW: Yellow

Tee & Pants: Loft
Sandals: Clarks (DSW)
Necklace: World Market

Yesterday, I randomly noticed that it was already EBEW linkup day.  Thankfully I remembered again this morning.  Yellow is a relatively new color to my closet.  I don't really gravitate to yellow when shopping or dressing.  But I don't have anything against the color; it's just not my 1st choice.  Since starting this blog (over 6 months ago! woohoo!)  I have branched more while shopping.  I've made 3-4 yellow purchases & they've all worked great!  The color really compliments my complexion & I've been really happy with my choices.  My favorite is my yellow & pink scarf.  I bought it late in "scarf" season, but I already got a ton of use out it.  I didn't wear it today, even though I was tempted, because it's just toooo hot in Tennessee. 

Below is my tribute to YELLOW:

Back to the daily grind

Tank: Ross
Cropped Jeans: AE
Sandals: Madden Girl (DSW)
Sunglasses: Calvin Klein (Marshalls)

Back from vacation, can you tell by tan?  I was very careful not to get sun burnt.  I used lots of sunscreen & did most of my beach reading under an umbrella.  I bought the cutest matching chair & umbrella from World Market a month ago.  They worked great! 

While one vacation, we went to Destin shopping one day.  The only thing I bought (for myself) were these cropped jeans.  They are made very similar to my AE jeans that I over wear, so they are perfect.  And it'll keep me from over fading my skinnies!  I promise, I'll try to branch out with my outfits. 

Last night I couldn't sleep.  It was so weird, like I was nervous for the 1st day of school, but really it was just going back to work after being off for 9 days.  My desk wasn't a complete mess & even though I had to work a little over to finish catching up, it wasn't too overwhelming.  I guess I lost sleep for nothing! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

While I've been away...

We took a vacation.  It was wonderful to have a full week off work.  I didn't have to worry about being on call or answering the phone all day.  It was so relaxing!  The past couple years, we've taken a family vacation, but this year we tried some place new.  We spent a week on the beach at Navarre Beach, FL.  "Florida's Best Kept Secret"  It's basically on an island between Destin & Pensacola Beach.  We picked a perfect spot!

The water was so clear.  We snorkled a lot & found a ton of shells.

I spent the majority of the week with my toes in the sand & my head in a book.  I finished 6 books!  I was afraid to carry my Nook to the beach, so I busted out some real live paperbacks.  I read, the 1-4 of the Pretty Little Liars Series by Sara Shepard, To Have & to Hold by Jane Green, & The Island by Elin Hilderbrand.  I enjoyed all of them & I've already ordered the next 4 Pretty Little Liars books from :) 

Our vacation crew included my family of 4, my brother & wife, 3 neices & my parents.  I busted out my handy dandy tripod to take our group shot :) 


It was back to the grind at work today, but the week off was WONDERFUL.  I'm already marking the calendar for my next time off... I think I got a little spoiled.