Friday, May 20, 2011

My monkey graduated Kindergarten

This is my middle niece (my brother has 3 girls!!!!).  I've always called her my little monkey.  Thursday night she graduated from Kindergarten.  I'm so proud.  We even got there early to make sure we were sitting on the front row to cheer her on.  Before the program I took her around the gym for a little one on one Aunt Randa time.  I even snuck her some of my chewy chocolate granola bar & let her wipe her hands on my jeans (because Mom didn't want her to get her shirt dirty)! 

We made faces during the whole program.  I love this smile.  She usually gets annoyed with pictures (she gets it from her Dad).  She'll either hide, get made, or just show her teeth which ends up looking like a frown.  But this is her real smile. 

Check out her awesome sparkly sandals.  I think the shoe gene has been passed on to the next generation! 

Congratulations Jaden & the future Class of 2023! 

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