Thursday, April 7, 2011

My yard

Front Yard

By the front of the house

Edge of the yard

Below the deck

Cardigan: Loft
Tank & Jeans: AE
Oxfords: DSW
Necklace: Kohl's

After taking some shots on the deck, I ventured out & around the yard.  I so glad that spring is really here!  We live on a busy street corner.  There were a lot of cars driving by (as my husband calls it, Sunset Dragstrip!).  But it was time to try out some new backgrounds.  And I loved how they all turned out.  You'll definately be seeing a lot more green! 

Inspired by What I Wore, I layerd my pink tops.  I'm really loving the contrast of the similar colors.  My necklace actually has both colors in it.  So I had the inspiration all along & didn't realize it. 

I've been driving my hubby's trucks to work that past couple of days.  It's been soooo much fun!  Yesterday, I had to pick up a puppy from work.  One of my truck drivers had a new puppy and it was just too much for his wife, so with hubby's help, we found it a home so that they didn't take him to the pound.  He was sooo cute; I'm really glad we were able to find him a good home!  Then this morning, since my car was on E & was running late for work, I drove the blazer.  There's just something awesome about driving something that feels like a monster truck!  It handles like crap, but you're bigger than everyone else, so they have to get out of your way.  LOL!  I'm driving the truck again tomorrow, because I bought my hubby a boat!  It's just a small flat bottom boat, but it's still a boat.  It's going to be fun out in the creek fishing this summer!  (He'll do most of the fishing & I'll read!)


  1. You look really cute, pink is your color!

    And I'm so glad you found a home for the puppy, pounds are a very sad place.

  2. I love the two toned pink tops....Great outfit!

    I love driving my hubby's monster truck as well...something so empowering about it;)