Friday, April 15, 2011

Hippie chic

Top: Gap
Cardigan: JCPenney
Jeans: Express
Sandals: DSW
Necklace: local craft fair

The rain really did a number on my hair & the Friday work stress did a number on my face!  I look soo tired, but I guess that what I get for working thru lunch.  We ate dinner early tonight to make up for it! 

Earth tones, woven cardigan, sandals, peace sign...
I just wish I had a pair of 70s style jeans, they would complemented the hippie-mellow look I was going for. 

I originally bought the peace sign necklace for a stocking stuffer for KB, but decided to keep it for myself.  I love the orange metallic color.  It has fliped back & forth all day, but it's ok because both sides are different colors.

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