Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy Easter

my newly planted roses ^^^

Tank: Cato's
Cardigan & Shorts: Loft
Sandals: diba (DSW)
Necklace: Et Cetera

This morning I started out in my new polka dot dress, but I wanted something more comfortable for lounging around with the family.  I'm dressed appropriately as an Easter Egg again, just a sparkly one this time! 

We had 2 family dinners today.  I ate moderately at first & somehow managed to stuff some more down again an hour later!  I love holidays & spending time with family.

Yesterday, I used my day off to work in my flowerbed.  I weeded & planted 6 knock out roses.  They are so pretty!  And the hard work definately paid off.     

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A little on the crooked side

Cardigan & Pants: Loft
Tank: Gap
Sandals: DSW
Necklace: gift MIL
Belt: Vintage (Mom)

No the tripod wasn't crooked; it's me!  Apparently, when I'm not standing on a level surface in heels, I lean.  Hopefully now that I've pointed this out, I'll do better! 

These sandals are my new favorite.  I am usually a flats girl, but these wedges are the perfect height.  It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a heel.  I love silver/gray shoes.  They can be worn with everything.  And the jewels add some glam to the cargo pants. 

Today really felt like a Friday, except we aren't closed tomorrow.  Either way, most of our customers will be & tomorrow will be mostly play with a just a little work.  Fun Fun!  Hope everyone else enjoys their day off! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here comes the Easter bunny

Cardigan: Loft
Tank: Ann Taylor Outlet
Jeans: AE
Sandals: Mossimo (Target)
Belt: Delia's

I was sooooo excited after I received this belt in the mail!  It was the other item that was on backorder from my early March Delia's order.  It was just a filler item that I had added to my cart so I could get my order over $50 to use my $20 off coupon.  But when I opened it, I found out that it's stretchy!  And it fits perfect!  Now I just have to keep it away from my cats so they don't mess up the braided rope.  (it's texture is very similar to the cat toys)

Today's colors remind me of an easter egg.  Since Easter is this Sunday, let's just say I'm being festive!  Now I'm off to fix dinner & assist C with his research paper.  I once considered going back to get my Master's degree, but after helping the kids with homework this past year, No thanks!  Maybe once they graduate high school.  I definately don't envy parents that do the college & kids thing at all. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orange & new bangs!

Tee: F21
Jeans: AE
Sandals: Madden Girl (DSW)

I've been growing my hair out for a while & was wanting a little change without really cutting it.  I gave it myself fuller bangs.  I really like them & hubby approves.  The best part was over the weekend, someone asked me my age & they guessed 23-24 (and I'm 28)!!!  I guess I'm really not feeling that I'm old anymore.  Maybe the bangs + my at home microderm facials are working :)  I love BeautiControl!

I got this shirt when I was thrifting last weekend.  Even though I'm from Tennessee & I grew up a UT Vols football fan, I've never owned a lot of orange.  I think it's an overlooked color.  I tend to buy more pink & red, but I'm working to incorporate orange into my wardrobe.  Monique at Lady M posted some great ideas today for wearing this tricky color. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

This weekend...

We went to:

It was a work trip.  There was 30 of us including customers, friends & employees.  We headed out Sunday morning at 3am (and didn't get home until 9pm).  It's about a 3 hour drive to the track in Alabama. 

Tailgated for breakfast.  Yes, we actually brought everything but the kitchen sink! 

Pre-race line up.

All the cars coming out of turn four.

Talladega aka Jr Nation

Me & Hubs. 
The only picture of me all day... No outfit post from the weekend.

LONG 20hr Day
My 3rd Nascar race
super Yummy breakfast
Beautiful weather & I didn't get sunburnt
Great friends
3 wide at the end = photo finish

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hippie chic

Top: Gap
Cardigan: JCPenney
Jeans: Express
Sandals: DSW
Necklace: local craft fair

The rain really did a number on my hair & the Friday work stress did a number on my face!  I look soo tired, but I guess that what I get for working thru lunch.  We ate dinner early tonight to make up for it! 

Earth tones, woven cardigan, sandals, peace sign...
I just wish I had a pair of 70s style jeans, they would complemented the hippie-mellow look I was going for. 

I originally bought the peace sign necklace for a stocking stuffer for KB, but decided to keep it for myself.  I love the orange metallic color.  It has fliped back & forth all day, but it's ok because both sides are different colors.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Polka dot fun

Dress: Delia's
Cardigan: Goody's
Sandals: Mossimo (Target)
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: gift from MIL

The only problem with online shopping is when things are on backorder!  I ordered this dress around the first of March after being inspired by Everybody/Everywhere & it finally arrived yesterday.  Last month was polka dots at EE and I realized that other than a pair of socks & a small purse scarf, I didn't own any real clothing in polka dots.  When I saw the dress (and had a $20 off coupon) I had to have it... even if I had to wait until mid-April to get it.  I had sooo much fun prancing around in this dress all day.  Definately worth the wait!  I was so excited last night, that I tried it out with ever color cardigan I own.  And the cropped cardi won.  It shows off the fitted waist the best. 

The dress was actually a birthday present to myself & the necklace was a birthday present from my in Laws.  My hair is covering most of it, but it's a combination of chains & metal flowers.  I usually wear long necklaces, but I like the shorter necklace with this square neckline of the dress. 

I was actually up & ready early this morning.  I guess it pays off picking out my outfit the night before.  I was afraid the dress would get on wrinkly by this afternoon, so I busted out the tripod this morning (the 3rd picture was the only one to make the cut).  The dress made it thru the day, so I took some more shots in the evening sun.  

Overall, if you couldn't tell.  I'm super excited about remixing this dress!!! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My wonderful Mom

My Outfit:
Tee: Gap
Jeans: AE
Sandals: DSW
Scarf: World Market

Blog world, I'd like you to meet my wonderful Mom!  She's in town for the week to help take care of my niece that just had her tonsils taken out.  I got to spend the afternoon with her & was able to snap a couple quick shots before both of my cameras died!  (Yes I said both; apparently there was a camera battery conspiracy this afternoon)  

She is the reason that I LOVE to shop.  You can also thank her for my HUGE shoe collection!  She used to work part time for DSW and I got to take advantage of all the discounts!!!  Even though she doesn't work there anymore, I still shop there often.  It's really hard to break a shoe habit.  Her Mom was the same way, so I guess it is just hereditary! 

I wished I would have gotten her outfit info.  She's wearing my favorite color: GREEN.  And she was very quick to point that out!  I love the green sandals.  I think she did a good job belting her cardigan.  Normally, Mom is all decked out in jewelry.  Maybe she forgot to pack her braclets this trip.  She noticed that when I pulled out the camera; I think she was a little disappointed.  She'll be back for Easter, so I'll spotlight her again. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Flowers

Dress, Tank & Cardigan: Loft
Sandals: Madden Girl (DSW)
Belt: Thrifted

Another twirly skirt on another windy day... I should really learn!  Luckily, after I flashed the neighborhood, I checked & there wasn't any close cars!  I think!  If you hadn't noticed, Pink & Gray is my favorite/go to color combination with clothes.  I think the complement perfectly.  And it helps that I have a big variety of pieces in both colors in my closet.  I always gravitate to these colors when shopping.  I promise, I'll do better! 

The dress is actually too big.  I ordered it online last year.  It was my 1st time ordering a dress from the Loft, so I was unsure on the size.  The first time I wore it, I had no problems.  The 2nd time, I was flashing my bra to everyone at work.  Not Good... I ended up paper clipping the straps together to make it razor back.  It worked a little, except the back hump you could see thru my cardigan.  I really need to shorten the straps, but until them, I decided on the tank (which is actually worn backwards!)

When I got home today, I had a surprise... My tulips are blooming!!!  Sadly, they are the only flowers I have planted in my yard, and I didn't even plant them.  We moved in a year & a half ago, and I still haven't planted flowers.  Very sad, because I love them so much.  But I love the tulips so much I had to share.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Tee: Target
Skirt: AE
Sandals: Madden Girl (DSW)
Belt: Thrifted
Flower: Gap

I've been in a skirt mood all week, but none of the outfits ever came together for me... until this morning.  I switched weekends at work, so I had an unexpected day off today!  I wanted to make the most of my Saturday morning off work.  I started out going to the farmer's market & then did little thrifting.  No big finds, but I had a good morning out.  I did come home with some yummy BBQ from the farmers market :) 

I bought this skirt last year, but I think this is my first time actually wearing it other than a swim suit cover up.  Sometimes my clothes get stuck in a rut, and after wearing it with swimwear, I couldn't picture how to remix it.  (And it turned out not be be the best coverup because it's too absorbent!)  This morning the skirt was calling me to remix it, and I like the outcome.  It's out of the rut now!  The only problem was that it was very windy today & the skirt has a lot of movement, making for a couple dicey situations! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My yard

Front Yard

By the front of the house

Edge of the yard

Below the deck

Cardigan: Loft
Tank & Jeans: AE
Oxfords: DSW
Necklace: Kohl's

After taking some shots on the deck, I ventured out & around the yard.  I so glad that spring is really here!  We live on a busy street corner.  There were a lot of cars driving by (as my husband calls it, Sunset Dragstrip!).  But it was time to try out some new backgrounds.  And I loved how they all turned out.  You'll definately be seeing a lot more green! 

Inspired by What I Wore, I layerd my pink tops.  I'm really loving the contrast of the similar colors.  My necklace actually has both colors in it.  So I had the inspiration all along & didn't realize it. 

I've been driving my hubby's trucks to work that past couple of days.  It's been soooo much fun!  Yesterday, I had to pick up a puppy from work.  One of my truck drivers had a new puppy and it was just too much for his wife, so with hubby's help, we found it a home so that they didn't take him to the pound.  He was sooo cute; I'm really glad we were able to find him a good home!  Then this morning, since my car was on E & was running late for work, I drove the blazer.  There's just something awesome about driving something that feels like a monster truck!  It handles like crap, but you're bigger than everyone else, so they have to get out of your way.  LOL!  I'm driving the truck again tomorrow, because I bought my hubby a boat!  It's just a small flat bottom boat, but it's still a boat.  It's going to be fun out in the creek fishing this summer!  (He'll do most of the fishing & I'll read!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just posing

Embracing the wind...

Cardigan & Tee: Loft
Jeans: AE
Flats: Madden Girl (DSW)
Necklace: Vintage
Belt: ???

Ok so I had fun playing with my tripod today, but am now suffering some major writer's block... I guess just pictures tonight...  Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

My favorite Neutrals

Cardigan: Gap
Tee: Loft
Gouchos: Marshalls
Sandals: Madden Girl (DSW)
Belt: Goodwill

Last week I dug out my summer clothes & got really excited when I found these.  They are the most comfortable pants I own.  They aren't the best photo worthy pants & I'm not sure if they are really stylish.  I've had them for a couple years, and I'll definately keep wearing them. 

I definately dressed for the weather.  April Showers!  More accurately, severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, & power outages...  Driving home this afternoon, the roads were flooded & it's currently still raining.  Luckily, most of the severe stuff has already passed. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feeling old...

Cardigan: Target
Tank: Express
Shorts: Loft
Flot Flops: Ocean Minded by Crocs

These are the fabulous short I found at the Loft last week.  I love the yellow!  A couple years ago when the mustard color was 1st becoming popular, I had blonde hair.  I was in NY&Co trying out the color for the first time, I couldn't get that sweater off fast enough.  I did NOT work for me.  But after seeing the mustard color in everyone blog, I wanted to give it another try.  These shorts are my 1st purchase & I love them.  They look great with all my pink tops, but I wanted to switch it up today.  (btw, the shorts look great with my new scarf too!)

Along with the awesome weather & being able to wear shorts, there has to be a negative.  That negative today was the odvious presence of spider veins... Mine are hereditary.  I've had a few for a while (they seem to hide when I have a tan), but today I found more!  I showed them to hubby & he said, "You'd better do something about them now!"  Which was exactly what I was thinking.  So, I immediately dug our my cream that is suppose to minimize the look of them & I'm determined to start a daily regimen.  This got me thinking, OMG I'm getting old... and that reminded me that my 10 year high school reunion will be this year.  I've been really questioning myself if I'll actually attend.  Then, I find a gray hair! LOL.  I pulled it out immediately!  I guess when it rains, it pours!  But come on, I just dyed my hair 2 weeks ago!!!  Hopefully, I won't come across any other signs of my old age anytime soon! 

Well here's one more... My teenage stepdaughter pointed out that she is almost as tall as me!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

this scarf wants to be famous!

Tank: Gap
Cardigan: Loft
Jeans: AE
Oxfords: DSW
Scarf: World Market
Sunglasses: Old Navy

I love my scarf so much that I've decided to wear it everyday. Ha! Not really, but I just so happened to wear it in 3:4 outfit posts this week.  I just love the colors & when I'm getting dressed, I just keep grabbing it.  It's live each outfit needs to be worn with it so that it feels complete.  I doesn't really feel like a rut, just a slight obsession...  Other than my hubby & the blog world, I've wore it around a different group of people each time. 

Today I had a work free Saturday!!!  It's been a couple weeks since I've been able to say that, plus I didn't even get any work related phone calls today.  Even Better!  The weather is great this weekend.  This morning I opened all the windows to let all the fresh air in. 

I have a huge extended family.  My grandmother was one of 13 kids & then she had 5 kids.  While I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with my aunts, uncles & cousins.  We would have summer cookouts, massive Easter Egg hunts & Halloween bonfires.  As every has gotten older & the families have spread out, I don't see everyone like I did.  Today, we had one of those cookouts.  My uncles made the best bbq chicken & there was enough food to feed well over 100 people.  It was wonderful.  (except for the freezing wind & I didn't think to bring a jacket!)  I keep in touch with everyone on facebook, but it's still great seeing everyone together.  Thinking about it makes me wonder where all the time has gone, especially since my sweet Gramma was the oldest person there.