Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Mr Sunshine

Cardigan & Sunglasses: Old Navy
Tank: Gap
Jeans: Express
Sandals: DSW

Warm weather has arrived & it's supposed to be 80 by Friday. Super YEAH!  Todays photos started out with sucky squinty eyes, so I opted for sunglasses & they made me happy (as noted with the cheesy grin in the 1st photo)!  The new gladiator wedges are awesome.  They will definately be a summer staple.  They work great with my jeans.  When I was growing up, I could never find jeans that were long enough.  Apparently, skinny girls aren't supposed to be tall or something?  Now that there are soo many options to buy longs & 34in inseams, I have become obsessed with jeans!  The only problem is that they are usually too long to wear with flats and when I try to shrink them a little, they are too short for heels.  But these wedges are the prefect/happy medium.  They keep my jeans from bunching at my ankles!   Now I need to buy some more small wedges to 15 pairs of jeans... I think it's only fair!

I have new hair!!!  I waited until I was married before I dyed my hair for the 1st time!  Then I became obsessed with blonde highlights... and kept that up for 3 years.  Then I was done & wanted to go back brunette.  Apparently, all that bleached hair hasn't grown out yet & the ends go brassy.  It worked good this fall because the ombre hair was popular, but after seeing my photos yesterday, I had had enough!  I've only dyed my hair at home twice & hubby did it last time for me (such a trooper).  But last night I bought the new Mousse stuff & it was SUPER easy. Other than the red tent, I'm happy with the outcome!   

My hair the past 5 years:


Everytime I got to get my hair cut, I have it in my head, that I get it cut the same everytime... Now looking back, I've had a lot of variety.  I decided in the fall 09 that I'd let my hair grow back out... I'm beginning to wonder if it's hit a stopping point.  It's a pain to get it all dry & flat iron daily, but I'm happy with it, especially now without the brass!!! 


  1. #1~ Love the Outfit
    #2~Love the sunglasses
    #3~Love the pictures (on everyone I Loved your hair the best lol)
    #4~Love YOU ;)

  2. ****Let's pretend I put a space between and every and one.

  3. wow... love your hair pictures in the last 5 years and i love photo #3
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    My Lyfe ; My Story