Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green, green & more green

Tee: Loft
Button Up & Jeans: AE
Flats: DSW
Bracelet: Gift from dad (Mexico)

Green is my favorite color & when there is a whole day dedicated to wearing green, I'm all over it!   I haven't done an Awkward & Awesome Thursday in a while.  So here goes:

Driving home with the windows down, then while driving by a dirt pile, & the inside of my car fill with a huge dust cloud.  Covering everything!
Scheduling multiple deliveries to a seminary & everytime the guy is flirty and tells me he likes my southern accent.  We call him Brother Jim.
Listening to hubby talk on the wii - He sounds so dorky ;) shhhhh don't tell him
My birthday is Sunday & I'm going to be 28...

We have a girls night planned Saturday for my birthday!
The weather here is beautiful... I can't get enough of having the windows open & enjoying the spring breeze. 
The time change & getting home in time for outside pictures!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY & it's supposed to be 80!!!
Just found out today that Hunger Games is being made into a movie.  (Even if the actors are all wrong for the part, I LOVE it when a book is made into a movie)
We've booked a house at the beach for the 4th of July for the whole family... I can't wait!!!

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