Friday, March 11, 2011

Go Lions

Cardigan: Target
Tee: Loft
Jeans: Gap
Heels: Gabriel Brothers

Hey Hey, It's Friday :)  At work we've been sponsoring the Tennessee High School Girls Basketball Tournament, so the half the office people have been there & the others at work.  It's felt like a party day all week!  Thank goodness we haven't been slammed like the previous weeks & we got to enjoy it!  We've even been watching the games online.  Our home team was in the semi-finals today, but unfortunately that didn't win.  I went down & worked the booth yesterday.  We gave out mardi-gras beads in their school colors & painting faces!  It was a really good time.  Not a lot of promoting trucking, but really when it all comes down to it, it's all about the kids.  And they loved it!  Since we lost today, I'm off the hook for working tomorrow & get to enjoy a kid free weekend with hubs.  I can't wait!  I wish I was in Austin, but maybe that'll be a good girly trip for next year!!!

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