Friday, March 4, 2011

30/30 Recap 21-30


Even with all the complaining, I had fun during the challenge.  It was a little slow going & I wanted to quit a couple of time, but I'm really glad that toughed it out.  I only cheated a couple of times:
1. I went shopping at Goodwill on day 5 
2. Switched out my jean blazer for the blazer I bought at Goodwill
3. Wore red on Valentines Day (but I didn't post the picture)
4. Wore my Kid Rock concert shirt
5. Switch out my brown heels (that I hadn't worn) for my Mocs
[I think the best part of the challenge was being able to adjust.  I was just recovering for the flu when I chose my 30 items.  If I only broke the rules 5 times, I think I did pretty good.  Rules are for Breaking, right?!]

My favorites include:
#8: my Girly power suit :)
#9: the pink & orange together
#21: something about that outfit that day was just Awesome (it's really stuck with me)
#30: Loved cuffing my AE pants, that I lived in thru the challenge

I become very attached to my clothes & outfits.  Some of my favorite outfits are my favorites for reasons other than, I like the look.  It's all in how that outfit makes me feel that day & I associate happy days with happy outfits.  I feel like I'm rambling, but I hope it makes sense. 

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  1. That totally made sense. You rocked the 30/30. There was never an article of clothing I felt like i had seen before. you are an awesome remixer :)