Thursday, February 24, 2011

TWENTY-ONE & finally legal

Shirt & Jeans: American Eagle
Tank: Gap
Boots: DSW
Necklace: Et Cetera
Belt: Delias (from skirt)

Day 21, Today's inspiration is from Ramsey of Love, Ramsey.  I absolutely adored her outfit from yesterday.  It stuck with me & this is my rendition with limited 30 pieces.  It made for a fun outfit; a little brightness on a rainy day.  This is my 3rd bow/belt during the challege & I love them...You'll be seeing them more often.  I don't have any colored belts & I like the punch of color around my waist.  

So yesterday I was ready to give up on the 30/30, but today I'm optimistic.  Only 9 more outfits.  Everyone morning I get this fear that I'm going to wear a duplicate outfit!  I do feel like I'm running out of clothes, but after making the spreadsheet today, I'm actually doing better than I thought.  I actually hadn't worn all the outfits that I had in my head!  Looking forward to next weekend and my planned shopping trip with Sherry.  Today she posted an oldie picture of us & wrote a super sweet post!

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