Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Top: Gap
Jeans: Express
Mocs: Minooka
Necklace: Gifted

Day 15, I'm halfway there!!!  It's definately time to trim my bangs, but I always forget about it when I have the time.  So today they are pinned back & I'm wearing a head(ache)band, it just didn't show up in the pictures.  If you noticed the mocs aren't in my 30/30, but I decided to switch them out my brown heels for the flats.  The last time I wore the heels (pre 30/30) they were a little big and caused me to walk funny, so they really weren't the best choice for the challenge. 

Last night after posting, I didn't get to go to bed as planned.  My oldest cat, Jenny starting having trouble breathing.  Hubs starting freaking out thinking she was dying.  She was in really bad shape; it was terrible.  We think the culprit was a hairball.  So after calling the emergency clinic and giving her medicine, it was after midnight before we went to bed.  She's ok now, we have a vet appointment & I'll have brush her more often to help prevent them.  Below is my pretty girl :)



  1. Poor Jenny. She is such a pretty kitty

  2. Cute outfit and only 15 more to go!!