Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ONE day at a time

Cardigan: Ross
Tee & Jeans: Loft
Flats: Madden Girl (DSW)
Broach: Mark (Avon)

Day 1: I really should have picked out my outfit last night...  I thought this morning would be easy, instead, I was staring at my 30 trying really hard to come up with that perfect 1st outfit.  Well perfection didn't come, and I was out of time, so I settled.  I chose my patent flats & the gray cardigan, because I haven't wore either in a while.  Plus black patent is always fun!  I think the flu is finally gone &.  I'm just left with a hacky cough.  Hopefully, that will leave soon! 

Today is my middle niece, Jaden's 6th Birthday!  I missed her bowling birthday party this weekend since I was sick, but here is a picture from her sister's birthday in Jan.  I fell in love with this little girl when she was born.  I can't believe that she's already 6... it blows me away!  Mom said the highlight of her party was the Justin Bieber tshirt she got & apparently still will not take off! 

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  1. Happy birthday Jaden! I overslept and was left wondering what to wear as well. Nothing beats flats, jeans and a cardi in a pinch :)