Monday, February 14, 2011

my Valentine

Hubby knows I'm a sucker for flowers on Valentines.  Especially roses.  I know they are overrated, cliche, and hubby thinks its just a stupid Hallmark holiday.  But luckily, he plays along and has bought me flowers for the past 7 years.  (I hope he keeps it up)  Roses are definately my favorite.  They last the longest & smell so yummy.  He had them waiting in the garage, so when I pulled in they were waiting on me!  He even took the time to make a homemade card! 

I was the slacker that was at Walgreens afterwork with a bunch of husbands/boyfriends picking through all the leftover cards.  I left with a card, itunes gift card & some Reese's hearts!  They were hubby approved.  You can't really go wrong with sweets & music. 

Currently, they are in the bedroom with the door closed to keep the kitties from eating my pretty flowers! 

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  1. lol. The walgreens with the husbands and boyfriends is too funny!