Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Cardigan: Target
Tee: Loft
Jeans: American Eagle
Flats: Madden Girl (DSW)
Scarf: Kohls

Day 14, KB had her 2nd tournament game tonight.  I dressed in blue today to show my school spirit... and they WON!  (I cheated yesterday & wore red on Valentines to KB's game.  Which just so happened to be the opposing team colors again!)  They only ranked 4th in the season & now they are playing for the Championship next week!  I was so excited, until we didn't make it home until after 8 and she had tons and tons of homework... Needless to say, it's been a long evening.  I'm exahausted, but I'd like to give a special thanks to hubby for cooking dinner, so I could shovel it down between work and the game.  Flowers yesterday & dinner tonight.  I think I have a keeper.  and now I'm out... Night

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