Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taylor Swift wannabe!

Cardigan & Tee: Loft
Dress: Ross
Tights: Walmart
Boots: Madden Girl (DSW)
Necklace: Vintage (Mom's)
Necklace: World Market

Today my baby kitty had to go to the vet & get fixed today.  We got to bring him home this afternoon, but he's pitiful.  He keeps walking crooked.  The other cats hate the vet smell on him & keep hissing at him.  I hope he feels better soon. 

I really like my outfit today.  I've tried several times to remix this dress & I've never been very happy with the outcome.  The dress gathers a little odd under my chest, so I was a little hesitant about the skinny belt.  But the less I analize it in front of the mirror, the better off I am. 

Awkward & Awesome Thursday
  • Dressing like a country music singer wannabe today (but I couldn’t wear suede boots in the rain).
  • Listening to the kitten cry this morning, because he couldn’t eat before going to vet (he was breaking my heart)!
  • The sizing on tights – How is it that a size large is way too tight on me?!
  • Having sore arms 2 days after working out, which hurt every time I answer the phone!
  • Apparently all of my shoes that I wear regularly are from DSW.  I should probably branch out a little! 
  • Only 1 more workday this week (I’m off work the next 2 Saturdays)!
  • My newly organized closet!
  • Late night phone calls with my best friend.  I my miss her, and I need to visit her & her babies!
  • Starting a new workout routine!
  • My new space heater!  It’s been great for wear skirts to work this week.
  • Doing a quick shopping trip this afternoon & getting an awesome scarf, and Hubby even commenting, that'll match everything.  So cute!

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