Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project: Organization

Hubby organized the basement a couple weekends ago & created this handy dandy little workspace.  He's been doing little projects for him, but today he helped me with a little project.  I used to be a picture frame-aholic so I had tons of extra frames that I don't use anymore.  So I went through them & found a few that I could repurpose as jewelry hangers.  Previously, I kept all of my necklaces in a bowl on my dresser (sorry I didn't take any before shots).  They would get all tangled. Actually I didn't realize I had so many until I layed them all out of my bed!  Hubby is a master spay painter, so they are army green with no drips!  Then he drilled holes, installed the hooks & hung them on the wall as I dictacted the cute arrangement.  He's such a good helper.  Now my necklaces are all organized & they make a cute wall accessory in the bedroom.  

Next, I tackled my closet.  Sorry no before shots, but really it wasn't in that bad of shape.  My biggest problem was storing things in my closet that could be in the basement.  (ie. luggage)  I also did some purging.  We bought our house last October & this closet was double the size of my previous, so I'd became a clothes horder.  I followed Kendi's rules and made a stack for Goodwill & a maybe stack this stashed in the bottom corner of my closet.  I really want to have a good working closet so when I'm having a gloomy work week (like this past week), I won't get discouraged while getting dressed in the morning.


  1. This is AWESOME! I wish my closet was as organized! I like that all the shoes hang on the back of the door instead of being shoved on the ground. Jealous!

  2. Thanks!!! I've started keeping all of my shoe boxes too. It keeps the dust of the ones that I don't wear very often.