Thursday, January 6, 2011

Orange you glad you remix!

Top: Gap
Skirt: Target
Leggings: Catos
Boots: Madden Girl (DSW)
Belt: Thirfted
Necklace: Gift

Pre-Blogging & Remixing, I only wore this skirt with an orange top & at my hips.  Recently, it's been worn with a dark brown top over the orange & now this khaki top; both times belted at my natural waist.  I love it worn high like this!  It's so fun & flirty.  It was a little windy today, so it was definately flirty while I was walking down the road to my meeting tonight! 

About the necklace... to be honest, I totally was faking on Christmas when I told Charlie's GG that I totally loved the necklace.  It's not anything that I would have picked for myself.  With this outfit I wanted a short necklace, and since most of mine are long,  I tried it out.  It's chunky, noisy, and... I LOVE it!  All in all, very happy with the whole look.  I think hubs is getting better with the camera too.  He's starting to direct me & I'm trying to not act frozen! 


  1. I love this outfit!! I love the skirt and the black tights/brown boot combo! You look Beautiful!!

  2. Such a cute outfit, I'd love to see how it looked with the orange top, too. Haha I wish I could've seen your husband direct you, it just sounds funny.

    Cute blog! Following you!