Monday, January 31, 2011

My 30 for 30 choices

5 Shoes
[Nine West, Madden Girl, White Mtn, Chinese Laundry, Madden Girl]

3 Jeans & 3 Skirts
[Express, Loft, American Eagle, Limited, Target, Goody's] 

6 Sweaters/Cardigans
[Old Navy x 2, Loft, Target, Ross, Loft] 

2 Button ups & 1 Jacket
[American Eagle, JC Penney's, Goody's]  

10 Shirts & Tanks
[Gap x2, Loft, Ann Taylor, Loft, Target, Loft x 3, Gap] 

After 4 days of the flu, I finally had the energy to pick out my 30 for 30 pieces.  Unfortunately, I didn't make it off my couch this weekend, so no fun thrift shopping or any shopping at all.  Boo!  This is my 1st challenge, and I've been really worried that I was going to make some bad clothing choices.  (I'm such a perfectionist sometimes...)  Hopefully, I can make it thru the challenge with little complaining & without breaking the rules!  I've read Hubby the rules, so he's going to hold me to it too.  He especially likes the no shopping part!   


  1. well... wish you all the best on your 30 for 30!!

  2. Good picks- I'm still trying to get my pictures to upload!!!