Friday, January 21, 2011

New scarf!

Cardigan: Old Navy (from MIL)
Tee: F21 (thrifted)
Jeans: Loft
Boots: Chinese Laundry (DSW)

I'm a sucker for a cute scarf!  Kathy's Bridal is a local boutique that sells all sorts of pageant dress & tons of cute little gifts, jewelry, etc.  She posts all her new arrivals on facebook.  This gem was posted on Wednesday & I went the next day because I had to have it!  It's bursting with color - so I based the outfit around the scarf.  I wouldn't have normally pair the lime green cardi with the purple, but the scarf pulls it all together.  It's very long so I used one of Sydney's tutorials to create a European knot.  It was super warm, which was good since it was freezing today. 

I'm definately looking forward to this weekend.  I don't have to work & we have no plans other than staying up late and sleeping in tomorrow.  Last night, we had a snow (again!) so Hubby worked half the night clearing the roads, so I missed out on snuggle time.  There was a lot of ice this morning, but I did make it to work safely.  Most of it has melted now, but they are calling for more snow Sunday or Monday.  I'm definately not used to all of this bad weather.

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