Monday, January 31, 2011

My 30 for 30 choices

5 Shoes
[Nine West, Madden Girl, White Mtn, Chinese Laundry, Madden Girl]

3 Jeans & 3 Skirts
[Express, Loft, American Eagle, Limited, Target, Goody's] 

6 Sweaters/Cardigans
[Old Navy x 2, Loft, Target, Ross, Loft] 

2 Button ups & 1 Jacket
[American Eagle, JC Penney's, Goody's]  

10 Shirts & Tanks
[Gap x2, Loft, Ann Taylor, Loft, Target, Loft x 3, Gap] 

After 4 days of the flu, I finally had the energy to pick out my 30 for 30 pieces.  Unfortunately, I didn't make it off my couch this weekend, so no fun thrift shopping or any shopping at all.  Boo!  This is my 1st challenge, and I've been really worried that I was going to make some bad clothing choices.  (I'm such a perfectionist sometimes...)  Hopefully, I can make it thru the challenge with little complaining & without breaking the rules!  I've read Hubby the rules, so he's going to hold me to it too.  He especially likes the no shopping part!   

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stripes day 2

Cardigan: Aeropostale
Tees: Loft
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: DSW

Sometime between when I woke up this morning & leaving for work, it snowed!  It was huge fluffy flakes... so pretty!  Even though it was dark when I got home & cooked dinner, I ventured outside with hubby to take pictures.  I can't resist snow pictures.  I'm getting really spoiled this winter, because it Never snows this much... and it's only January.  Most people are tired of it by now, but I still love it. 

I've been craving Super Bowl food!  You know, stuffed mushrooms, hot wings, chips & dip, etc.  When I went grocery shopping this weekend, I bought stuff to make stuffed mushrooms.  They require more work than I like to do after work, but they were soooo worth it tonight.  I used the leftover stuffing (italian sausage & mushroom mixture) to make spaghetti.  Yummm..  I usually just make snack food for work.  So when Hubby smelled me cooking, he was very dissapointed for about 5 seconds until I told him it was for dinner.  Great surprise!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An All Dressed up, rule breaker, in my benton stripes sort of day

Cardigan: Target
Tank: Express
Skirt & Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Nine West
Tights: Walmart
Necklace: Aeropostale

My orginal intention for the outfit was to have an All Dress Up post to link up at No Model Lady tomorrow.  But this outfit can be included with today's Brenton Stripes linkup & Rule Breaker Monday by mixing prints & stripes!  I was so excited this morning when I logged onto my google reader & then I remembered about the Brenton Stripes.  I haven't been blogging that long, so I get excited over the little things!  I couldn't wait to get home to take pictures. 

Every since I was little, I always loved to mix prints, but my mom would always make me change.  I still love to mix them & now I know it's not just me that likes them!  Who knows if she'll never agree.  As long as I keep within the same color pallet, I think it works!

KB had another basketball game tonight & they won!  Nachos for dinner!  Below is my causal remix of my work outfit.  Overall a great day, except for report cards...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Green & Pink Party

Cardigans: Target
Tee: Loft
Jeans: Express
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: Kohls

I used to have this fabulous lime green cardigan with pink buttoms, that I wore until I rubbed holes in the elbows.  It was very tragic!  Since I have yet to find a green one that I truely love, this pink one is my replacement.  I used my beloved cardigan as the inspiration for today's outfit! 

This afternoon, I finally made it back to the gym.  It's really hard getting back into a routine.  We had bath weather last week when I was going to go, so I only made it once last week.  Hopefully by starting out on a Monday, I'll do better this week.  It offically kicked my butt.  I pushed it harder on the cardio, since I was a slacker last week & man do I feel it.  Hopefully it won't be so bad tomorrow.  At least I have hubby's sympathy & he's in the kitchen cooking dinner while I blog!  It's my mother in law's recipe for Linguini with Clam Sauce.  It's really delicious!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Shirt: Kohls
Tank: Catos
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Ann Klein (DSW)
Necklace: Et Cetera

To be honest, I was freezing in these pictures & opted for boots the rest of the afternoon.  We had a very lazy morning.  It was lovely.  This afternoon my step daughter surprised me by remembering she had a makeup basketball game tonight!  We were running around trying to find her gear, only to find out that she had left her jersey in her locker at school.   So she put on her warm up suit & we went to cheer on her team anyways.  Go Bulldogs!  They won by 1 point; it was a great game.  I'm usually terrible about wearing the opposing teams colors, but I made sure to wear blue this time when I was getting ready.   The best part of the basketball games are the nachos!  I'm a sucker for nachos & they are my must have purchase at every game.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend too!

Friday, January 21, 2011

New scarf!

Cardigan: Old Navy (from MIL)
Tee: F21 (thrifted)
Jeans: Loft
Boots: Chinese Laundry (DSW)

I'm a sucker for a cute scarf!  Kathy's Bridal is a local boutique that sells all sorts of pageant dress & tons of cute little gifts, jewelry, etc.  She posts all her new arrivals on facebook.  This gem was posted on Wednesday & I went the next day because I had to have it!  It's bursting with color - so I based the outfit around the scarf.  I wouldn't have normally pair the lime green cardi with the purple, but the scarf pulls it all together.  It's very long so I used one of Sydney's tutorials to create a European knot.  It was super warm, which was good since it was freezing today. 

I'm definately looking forward to this weekend.  I don't have to work & we have no plans other than staying up late and sleeping in tomorrow.  Last night, we had a snow (again!) so Hubby worked half the night clearing the roads, so I missed out on snuggle time.  There was a lot of ice this morning, but I did make it to work safely.  Most of it has melted now, but they are calling for more snow Sunday or Monday.  I'm definately not used to all of this bad weather.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taylor Swift wannabe!

Cardigan & Tee: Loft
Dress: Ross
Tights: Walmart
Boots: Madden Girl (DSW)
Necklace: Vintage (Mom's)
Necklace: World Market

Today my baby kitty had to go to the vet & get fixed today.  We got to bring him home this afternoon, but he's pitiful.  He keeps walking crooked.  The other cats hate the vet smell on him & keep hissing at him.  I hope he feels better soon. 

I really like my outfit today.  I've tried several times to remix this dress & I've never been very happy with the outcome.  The dress gathers a little odd under my chest, so I was a little hesitant about the skinny belt.  But the less I analize it in front of the mirror, the better off I am. 

Awkward & Awesome Thursday
  • Dressing like a country music singer wannabe today (but I couldn’t wear suede boots in the rain).
  • Listening to the kitten cry this morning, because he couldn’t eat before going to vet (he was breaking my heart)!
  • The sizing on tights – How is it that a size large is way too tight on me?!
  • Having sore arms 2 days after working out, which hurt every time I answer the phone!
  • Apparently all of my shoes that I wear regularly are from DSW.  I should probably branch out a little! 
  • Only 1 more workday this week (I’m off work the next 2 Saturdays)!
  • My newly organized closet!
  • Late night phone calls with my best friend.  I my miss her, and I need to visit her & her babies!
  • Starting a new workout routine!
  • My new space heater!  It’s been great for wear skirts to work this week.
  • Doing a quick shopping trip this afternoon & getting an awesome scarf, and Hubby even commenting, that'll match everything.  So cute!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Top: Loft
Long Sleeve: Gap
Jeans: Express
Flats: Madden Girl (DSW)

Simple outfit today.  I guess this would fall under winter white/spring fever.  The embellished top is from last spring, but the simplicity of it was calling my name this morning.  The flowers are too far to the side to look right with a cardigan, so I layered it.  White on white.  The scarf is fleece, so I didn't wear it all day, just when I was cold. 

The gym was a success last night!  We tried out a new gym & I am very excited.  It had been about a year since I canceled my last membership, so I'm very out of workout loop.  I can't wait to have a routine.  I always feel so much better mentally, have more energy & my back doesn't hurt!  I've been such a slacker.  I really hope I stay this motivated...

Tonight I cooked dinner & followed Linley's recipe for Parsmesan Crusted Pork Chops.  They were very yummy & definately Husband approved.   I love finding new recipes, especially quick & easy meals.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

Top: Gap
Dress: MIL hand me down
Boots: Chinese Laundry (DSW)
Tights: Catos
Scarf: Express

I've always been very particular about my clothes.  Growing up, I would never let anyone borrow my clothes, becuase I was worried that I wouldn't get them back or when I did they would be stained, shrank or stretched.  So having my Mother in Law who wears the same size as me, that gives me hand me downs was something totally new to me.  It's wonderful.  In this case, the sweater dress was brand new!  How awesome is that!  She bought it at a discount store & it didn't look right on her.  So instead of returning it, she gave it to me.  Of course, my favorite go to color is gray & I was in love.  This was my 1st sweater dress.  I'm not sure what my delay was, but this one is just right. 

I read today that Kendi is doing a Winter 30 for 30 challege, and I think I'm going to accept the challege.  Sherry & I are going to help each other select our pieces.  This will be my 1st 30/30.  I hope it all works out! 

Now I'm off to the gym... Wish me luck!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Simply purple

Top: Target
Skirt: the Limited (thrifted)
Tights: Walmart
Shoes: Gabes
Belt: Thrifted
Scarf: Gap

I have to admit this was a pre-planned outfit.  The last time I wore my purple tights, that night I got all creative & started making outfits.  This was one of them.  And this morning after being all excited that my closet was organized, I stood there for 10 minutes and could come up with a thing (very discouraging!) Then I remembered this number & Voila; I was dressed and back on schedule to get to work on time!  I know it's a little matchy/matchy, but the top of the shirt is almost gray.  I still love it & it was a great outfit to start off my week!

My sister in law had to work late today, so my little nieces came over.  They were only here for about an hour, but I loved having them.  They are 5 & 1.  We played babies, colored, & crawled all over the place.  The youngest wasn't feeling very good, so we did some snuggling too! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project: Organization

Hubby organized the basement a couple weekends ago & created this handy dandy little workspace.  He's been doing little projects for him, but today he helped me with a little project.  I used to be a picture frame-aholic so I had tons of extra frames that I don't use anymore.  So I went through them & found a few that I could repurpose as jewelry hangers.  Previously, I kept all of my necklaces in a bowl on my dresser (sorry I didn't take any before shots).  They would get all tangled. Actually I didn't realize I had so many until I layed them all out of my bed!  Hubby is a master spay painter, so they are army green with no drips!  Then he drilled holes, installed the hooks & hung them on the wall as I dictacted the cute arrangement.  He's such a good helper.  Now my necklaces are all organized & they make a cute wall accessory in the bedroom.  

Next, I tackled my closet.  Sorry no before shots, but really it wasn't in that bad of shape.  My biggest problem was storing things in my closet that could be in the basement.  (ie. luggage)  I also did some purging.  We bought our house last October & this closet was double the size of my previous, so I'd became a clothes horder.  I followed Kendi's rules and made a stack for Goodwill & a maybe stack this stashed in the bottom corner of my closet.  I really want to have a good working closet so when I'm having a gloomy work week (like this past week), I won't get discouraged while getting dressed in the morning.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm seeing red again

Tee: Loft
Dress (as skirt): Aeropostale
Jacket: Tulle (local boutique)
Tights & Socks: Walmart
Boots: Madden Girl (DSW)
Belt: hand me down

The snow is finally melting!  I have mixed feelings about it.  I'm ready to drive the short way to work & wear something other than boots, but I'm also going to miss it.  It's so pretty & normally snow doesn't stay around here longer than a day or two.  So, this is technically a treat, but it's just worn out its welcome.  I'm not ready for spring yet, I still have more cute sweaters to wear! 

Red & Blue day 2!  My favorite part of the jacket is the satin lining with red polka dots!  I tried to cuff the sleeves so it would show, but it really doesn't.  Overall, I'm very happy with the outfit.  This belt was my first belt to ever wear at my natural waist.  I've had it over a year now & I'm really surprised this is it's 1st appearance in the blog.  I used to wear it all the time, but since I loved it so, I was determined to thrift some more.  Otherwise they are so expensive, I'd rather splurge on a new shirt or jeans!They are the first thing I go for when I'm thrifting, I've bought 5 in the past month! 

Today is a fashion first for me... I'm wearing a sundress as a skirt!  It's actually double lined, so it worked well in the weather.  I've been wanting to remix it this way, I just hadn't worn it yet.  I wore it today when we went out for Hubby's birthday.  He chose Outback.  Steak is the best manfood & he loves the Outback Special (and I love the Blooming Onion).  I also got us tickets to go see Kid Rock & Jamey Johnson in February.  We are both very excited about that!!!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Did you get the memo?

Cardigan: Thrifted
Tank: Target
Jeggings: Loft
Sneakers: Liz Claiborne (gift from Mom)
Necklaces: JCPenney's & Walmart

Apparently everyone at work had red on the brain this morning.  There was no real memo, but everyone had red or red/navy combo on today!  So funny!  I thrifted this cardigan a month ago & even though I've tried to style it a couple times, this is the first time that I've liked what I came up with.  I tried a belt, but the pockets on the sweater weren't having it!  I'm really happy with how it all turned out.  I love how it's all loose on top & tight on the bottom.  These shoes were really fun (I've had them a while & this is their 1st outing too)!  You can't really tell from the pictures, but they are red & brown plaid.  I was so tired of wearing boots all week.  I needed something different & these shoes did the trick!

Friday, I couldn't be happier to see you!!!  Even though I do have to work a half day tomorrow, the main rush of the work week is over.  It was definately a success.  Another good thing about today, was waking up having a good hair day & not having to wash it!  Then realizing, I could sleep even longer because picked out my outfit last night.  Now if every day was this accomplished as today! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My do-over

Cardigan: Delia's
Top: Apt 9 (Kohl's)
Jeans: Aeropostale
Boots: Madden Girl (DSW)
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Local craft fair

This is my second outfit of the day.  I've been in such a rut with work & snowy weather that my outfits have really been lacking creativity.  So this afternoon when I got home, I took a bath.  Got refreshed & put on a new outfit to go to my meeting tonight, that no one told me was canceled!  Either way, I'm feeling more like myself & that makes me a happy blogger!  Everyone needs a do-over sometimes.  I might even dress up tomorrow, even though it's still freezing outside! 

One of my favorite bloggers Sydney from The Daybook, is having a link up party to 'Awkward and Awesome Thursday!'  Enjoy :)

Today's earlier outfit.
Complaining about work, only for my boss to walk in mid-sentence & not knowing how much he heard!
Going to tonights meeting not knowing it's been canceled.
Forgetting I can't drive my normal roads home because they are icy, but not realizing it until I couldn't turn around! (I made it home safely though - awesome)
Watching cows stampede down the road at work (good thing I wasn't in charge of that).
Hubby's birthday is Saturday & I haven't made any plans.

Outfit do-overs!
I went to bed at 730 last night & getting 9 hrs of much needed sleep!
Grey's Anatomy tonight!
DVR - No commercials!
My Peace sign necklace in the above pictures!
My manager comes back to work tomorrow - No more 6am workdays! 
We are delivering to loads of pipe to Newfoundland next week - soo cool!
Tomorrow is Friday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Very tired

Cardigan: Delias
Tank: JCPenney's (gift from Mom)
Jeans: AE
Boots: Chinese Laundry (DSW)
Belt: Thrifted

The early mornings are starting to wear on me & my ability to get dressed.  Have I mentioned, how much I hate having to be at work at 6am?  Well it sucks!  This morning I just wanted something warm & after trying a couple outfits that didn't work, this is my sleep deprived creativity.  More crooked pictures (haven't quite figured out the tripod yet).  Hubby was asleep on the couch when I got home.  Apparently, we are both not getting enough sleep!

It's still snowing here & very windy.  I love how the first picture really captures the weather.  Days like this I wish I was still in school & it was an actual "stay at home" snow day.  But people still need things delivered, so I have to be there to dispatch my drivers. 

This cardigan is so cozy; in fact I have it in 3 different colors!  You can't tell from the pictures, but it has big chunky buttons.  I wear cardigans all year long, because in the summer I freeze in the office.  When I find a cardigan I like, I usually stock up. 

Now I'm going to catch up on some much needed rest.  Good night!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day

Tee: Loft
Striped Button up: AE (thrifted)
Jeans: AE
Boots: Chinese Laundry (DSW)
Necklace: Et Cetera

We got an unusual amount of snowfall last night; approx 6-8 inches that come sometime between 11pm & 430am this morning!  It craziness!  Unfortunately, I still had to go to work, and I wanted to get to work before all the crazies got on the road with me!  Hubby had new tires put on my car this weekend & drove it around the block this morning to make sure I'd be ok to drive.  It was so pretty & so fun to drive on!  I was out there before daylight, and in some places, I was the first to make tracks (I felt so special)!  We did get to leave work early, but hubby is still out making sure our streets are clean.  I had to bust out my handy dandy tripod today, because I didn't want to miss out on outside pictures in the snow.   (Sorry they are a little crooked!)

Big hair day 2!  I don't plan on making this a habit, but I wanted to see if I could recreate yesterday's hair & I think it turned out pretty good.  It's still tons of fun, but that could have something to do with my childlike excitement about the snow!  If I could keep my hands off my hair, the curl/waves would probably last longer... I just have a hard time doing that. 

The necklace & button up are two of my finds from my Saturday shopping adventure.  I love the bright colors in the necklace.  I think they really pull together the green in the button up & the pink/purple flowers of the t-shirt!  It has a whimsical vibe & that goes great with the snow, plus all the layers are warm.  I'm also wearing an extra long sleeve, tights & double socks that are not shown! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Big hair kind of day

Cardigan: Old Navy (MIL Hand-me-down)
Shirts & Belt: Loft
Jeans: Gap
Heels: Goody's

I orginally didn't plan on getting out of my lounge clothes today.  I even told my mom there would be no post today.  It's just so cold outside & we are under a winter storm warning with 2-4 inches of snow in the forcast for tonight. (Which in Tennessee that means everything will shut down & no one knows how to drive, but will attempt anyways!)  But after cleaning & laundry, I couldn't stand feeling all grungy anymore &  I turned into a 3 picture kind of day! 

Did notice the hair?  Really, how could you miss it!  I guess I was channeling my inner Snookie after watching Jersey Shore this morning!  I have this annoy slightly wavy hair that never looks just right, so I always blow dry & straighten it.  For some reason today, it was willing to cooperate.  It's so fun & big!   

My Mother in Law gives me several hand me downs.  Most of them are new.  She'll buy something from out of town & instead of returning it, she gives them to me.  Major score!  Even though I wouldn't have normally bought a lime green cardigan for myself & it's a little hard to style, I still really like it.  The whole outfit today makes things a little brighter on a cold dreary day. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

Turtleneck: Gap (thrifted)
Jeans: Express
Boots: DSW
Scarf: xmas gift
Necklace: World Market
Hat: H&M

When I was getting ready for work this morning (on a Saturday - booo!), I didn't realize it was snowing outside!  I knew there was snow in the forcast for the weekend, but it wasn't supposed to be here until Sunday night.  Surprise snow is always fun.  Now most of it has melted, and it's just plain cold.

I work about every other Saturday.  Today I was off before lunch, so I did a little shopping.  Most of the local boutiques are closed by the time I get off work during the week (I work long hours).  Living in a small town, there aren't a lot of options for shopping, but I like to shop locally as often as I can.  I found a couple of shirts thrifting & a super cute necklace at Et Cetera.  It's a adorable boutique that sells items from over 40 local artisans.  This was my first time visiting the store & I'll definately be going back.  For lunch I stopped by a food truck to get a yummy BBQ Stuffed baked potato.  The are usually only open for lunch during the week, but this was their 1st Saturday.  I glad I made it there before they closed!  I have no plans for the rest of the afternoon, just going to catch up on my dvr'd shows & try to stay warm! 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Good kitty

Cardigan: Target
Tank & Scarf: Gap
Jeans: Loft
Boots: Chinese Laundry (DSW)

Apparently my leopard scarf was giving off kittie vibes tonight...  My cats were insisting on posing with me!  Meet KO (Kitty Outside) in the 2nd picture.  She was a stray cat that we ended up adopting and converting her to an inside only cat, only after she was ran over by my car!  It was horrific, but after an emergency trip to vet, she was perfectly fine.  Except I was tramatized enough to only keep her inside afterwards!  All of our animals (3 cats, 2 dogs & a chinchilla) have all be abandoned or adopted.  My husband is wonderful with animals & is always trying to find stray pets homes, which is awesome, but my house if full!  Thank goodness we don't live in the country, or I'm pretty sure we'd have a kennel! 

Gray & Pink are probably the most prominent colors in my wardrobe.  And I wear them together A LOT!  Last night, my boss left with one of my drivers on a trip to California.  So I had to be a work early & this was an easy closet grab.  It's predictable (for me), nothing too exciting.  Hope everyone has a great weekend :)  I felt bad that only KO made the cut in the above shots & I don't like playing favorites.  Here are the rest of my babies!

Todd & Julie                                          Jenny, KO & Will

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Orange you glad you remix!

Top: Gap
Skirt: Target
Leggings: Catos
Boots: Madden Girl (DSW)
Belt: Thirfted
Necklace: Gift

Pre-Blogging & Remixing, I only wore this skirt with an orange top & at my hips.  Recently, it's been worn with a dark brown top over the orange & now this khaki top; both times belted at my natural waist.  I love it worn high like this!  It's so fun & flirty.  It was a little windy today, so it was definately flirty while I was walking down the road to my meeting tonight! 

About the necklace... to be honest, I totally was faking on Christmas when I told Charlie's GG that I totally loved the necklace.  It's not anything that I would have picked for myself.  With this outfit I wanted a short necklace, and since most of mine are long,  I tried it out.  It's chunky, noisy, and... I LOVE it!  All in all, very happy with the whole look.  I think hubs is getting better with the camera too.  He's starting to direct me & I'm trying to not act frozen!